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Principal Amy Thomas
Ms. Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas Locker

Amy Thomas


Thank you to SURYEL VASQUEZ for our new beautiful school logo!  He is one talented young man!

All about Principal Thomas

Amy Thomas has been an educator since the year 2000.  She graduated from the University of Arizona in 1998 with a bachelors degree in Psychology and went on to get two master's degrees in Elementary Education and Administration.  Amy has been a teacher at WCSA since 2008, when her first son, Tyler, was born.  She is the mommy of two young boys, Tyler (age 7) and Jacob (age 5), and also to a dog named Jesse.  Amy's art passion includes graphic arts, dance, and media arts. 

My family
My family
New job description: Goat Herder
New job description: Goat Herder