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Wufoo is the easy way to record Parent Hours!

After working in the classroom, helping on a field trip, washing cups over the weekend...spending time helping our class function smoothly...record your hours on the Wufoo website.  

link to Wufoo site for tracking parent hours


Wild Things
Wild Things

Michelle Paulus

Welcome to our

Wonderful World of 1st Grade!

We Are Blending Our Learning!

Our class has a dedicated ChromeBook Cart which we use in a number of ways.

1)                 user name and password are the same:  first name.initial      example:  kaiden.g

2)                       user name:  first name.initial.wcsa     example  sophia.l.wcsa          password is the same as MobyMax

3)  A very cool website where kids earn rice to be donated to the World Food Fund when they get correct answers


Still to come:  A class BLOG through SeesawBlog.


We are using Web2.0 tools to use what we are learning to create presentations for others to enjoy.  Right now it is BookCreator and soon we will add in ExplainEverything.


Frequent Truancy and Absences Make a Big Difference

“Empty Desks: New report shows Santa Cruz County a Leader in Elementary School Truancy”  Santa Cruz Sentinel 9-30-2013.

This article makes for interesting reading.  Truancy is a problem everywhere, including at WCSA.​

So when should kids stay home?  Generally speaking:  if they have a fever, if they are throwing up or have “the runs”, if they are in the 1st 24 hours of taking an antibiotic, if they have conjunctivitis before treatment, if they have a great amount of green mucus coming from their nose, if they have a “wet cough”.  Kids with persistant dry/hacky coughs can come to school.  And kids who wake up tired should really come to school and need to get to bed earlier!

Special Projects in the Weekly Homework Packet

The most important part of the weekly homework packet is the Special Project.  This is the assignment that encourages creative thinking and challenges students to use many different skills all at once.  Please help your child with their homework by providing a place, supplies (lined paper, white xerox paper, pencils and erasers, colored pencils, markers), and a regular time for doing homework.  The Special Project is what allows your child to best show the extent and depth of their learning and is a very important piece in our 1st Grade curriculum.

The 1st/4th Grade Reading Buddy Service Learning Project

Our class is once again partnering with Ms. Gill's 4th grade class for a year-long Service Learning Project.  This year we received a grant from NOAA and have been honored with the Ocean Guardian School title.  Our project will focus on two things.  Our 1st Grade will be heading up the "Done with SPORK Packets" project at WCSA, at Alianza, and throughout all schools in the PVUSD district.  We will take data and prepare to speak in front of the PVUSD School Board to convince them that SPORK packets are wasteful, bad for the environment, and cost more than our suggested replacement: napkin dispensers and SPORK dispensers.  Ms. Gill and partnered with Miss Allegra's 2nd grade to run the 50 Families project.  We will help 50 families rethink their use of disposable plastic at home, at work, and at school and refuse to use disposable plastic in favor of items we offer.  Stay tuned!  This is a really BIG DEAL for our 3 classes.

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Ask Ben!
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Ask Luke
Libbie, Our 1st Grader Cockapoo