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GSA ~ Gay-Straight Alliance

This is a safe and inclusive space

The WCSA Gay-Straight Alliance club was started in the fall of 2017, and meets at lunch on Wednesdays. It began as a club for 6th-8th grade students and later expanded to include 5th grade students since a number of 5th graders asked to join. We provide a safe space for LGBTQ students and their allies, and work to make WCSA a safer, more welcoming place for everyone. During the 2017-2018 school year we received a grant from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz which we used to purchase a button making machine so our GSA artists can promote acceptance and inclusion of all students by making buttons to wear and share.

GSA members also asked teachers to hang Safe Space posters in their classrooms to show their support for LGBTQ students and their allies. We are proud to say that WCSA is a very supportive, inclusive place for all students!