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Shannon Hammond-Pappazisis

Coding Art Elective
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Ms. HP & Mr. P
Shannon HP & Mr. P at San Diego Wild Animal Park
Figurative Language Fridays

I am as fierce  as a lion!

Life is like a Highway, you're always getting on to a new road.

I eat as fast as a cheetah running at full speed.

I sat as straight as a ruler.

I'm as bored as a dead person.

The river is as fluent as my English.

I ran as fast as a cheetah with no legs.

Welcome to 6th Grade Science, Math, and STEAM!

Congratulations on the first few weeks of school! We have been trouble shooting a lot, but everyone has been so wonderful and patient! We can do this!!

Remember to go to your Google Classroom (Homeroom) every day at 9:00am to log on to Google Meets. The link for it is at the top of the page, right underneath the title of the class. Be sure to attend all classes and stay for the whole meeting, so you don't miss anything!

Your weekly schedules will be posted on Google Classroom and sent home to parents via email.

Click here to view a slideshow that has important information and links for 6th grade students, including things like how to check your email.

See you all soon :)

September Science

This year we are using Amplify Science (students log in through Clever/Google).

Here is a link to our classroom science wall, which contains key concepts, questions, and vocabulary.

In September, we will continue learning about Microbiomes, which means very very small living things!

We will investigate how microorganisms, in and on your body, help you survive. Also, we will will look at case studies and analyze evidence, to determine how antibiotics and fecal transplants can affect your health. 

September Math

This year we are using Open-up Resources Math.

This is the link for students.

This is the link for parents, guardians, & families.

In September, we will be learning about Area & Surface Area, which means we will be looking at shapes a lot! We are currently looking at how to find the area of parallelograms and will soon move on to the area of triangles!

We have been using Freckle to practice some math skills, but will begin using ST math instead. Freckle still can be worked on when you finish your other work though!

September Art and STEAM

Now we have a website to share all of the student art and figurative language winners! Click here to visit it :)

This month we are working on some art basics, including the elements of art. We will also be working on some content based art, such as cave paintings.

Stay tuned for a student art website (for students & families only)

Stay tuned for more on STEAM and coding as well!


Microbiomes under a magnifying glassUnder a magnifying glass.

Surface Area

Green cube

Non-Objective Art

An example of non-objective artThis painting is an example of non-objective art, which means art that does not show/represent any realistic shapes/things.

The 7 elements of art  line, shape,form, color, value, texture, spaceWe will be learning about the elements of art: